Why do I write?

Because words cannot be judged as quickly as paintings. Readers will commonly finish a sentence before any harsh criticism .

Because of the estimated 1,000,000 words (and counting), there is bound to be one, that says the right thing.

Because of how differently the words can fall of the tongue of the author, than in the mind of the reader.

Because words can be a story never told, yet always considered.

Because words can be a poem, not nearly the length of a novel, but still possesses the power to make one feel the same emotions.

Because the words of others can plant a permanent seed in one’s mind, bringing into light a change that can never let the reader forget.

Because everyone’s read something in this world that has changed them.

I write because, in reality, all of these novels, stories, poems, songs, and scriptures, are all just different strings of 26 simple letters that we as people can fathom into meaning.

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