Who am I?

Growing up, everyone said that your teenage and young adult years are all about finding ‘who you are,’ and I kept laughing to myself. I knew who I was. I was a young 6th grade girl, who already knew what she wanted to be; a meteorologist. I was fairly good at drawing, and my best friend was Vanessa. I knew I liked to play tether ball at recess, even though I always lost. I knew I was going to go to college and get my bachelor’s degree, though at the time I didn’t know why. That’s just what you do. My priorities were in who’s house the next big sleepover was at, and playing four square with the boy I liked.

Now? I completely understand the “finding out who you are” aspect of being a teenager, because honestly I have no idea. I know I’d be smart to still try to stick to a career in science, or something stable, yet I still lean toward writing. I also love the idea of Psychology, but am afraid to even look into it, because, what on earth can I do with that? I find religion insanely confusing and frustrating, yet in the middle of the night, I still feel I should try to get involved. I’ve been to a handful of services my entire life, and have no idea what I believe, but about half my music, is Christian music. My priorities are now in school. Finals, grades, ACT, SAT, college. And I’d say, every other day, I start thinking about the meaning of life (I explained this in an older post x)

Who am I? I have absolutely no idea. Do I stay safe and go with science, or take a random leap with Psychology? What do I believe? What is the meaning of life?

Ask again later.

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