What’s in my Prom clutch – the basics

Prom season is here once more, and since I went last year as a junior (and am attending once more this year) I figured I’d share some of the major mistakes I learned from; starting first with over-packing my clutch. I packed so much crap into this tiny little bag and I used maybe two things. So after some elimination, I’ve minimized my necessities to the basic that I know I’ll need: (links in pink)

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Starting from left to right, the first thing is my clutch, which I bought April of last year at a store called Deb (which by the way is having a huge sale right now with up to 80% off prom dresses). Unfortunately, they no longer have this specific clutch, but they have a huge selection so I’d definitely recommend checking it out.

Next if perfume…. now I’m not saying you shouldn’t wear any, it’s a great feeling when you feel and smell beautiful, but keep in mind: every girl there is overdosing perfume. If you’ve been to any high school dance, you know they smell of cheap hairspray and expensive perfume. So my first tip with perfume is to pick a unique scent, not one that is common to the other girls. Second, I’d recommend using a mini sample size. You know all those high end samples you get when you shop at sephora or ulta? It’s time to put those puppies to good use: they take up minimal space, and are really nice quality scents. I am using the Elizabeth James Nirvana White, which has a unique musty yet flattering smell.

Next is the obvious safety pins. As a girl who wore a strapless dress, I can tell you: No matter how fitting your dress is, you will need safety pins. Simple as that.

Deodorant. Another simple necessity. You’re dancing for around 4 hours in a marginally small space with most of your class. Sweat’s gonna happen. Be prepared.

The next is the little black dot in the picture, which is my mini translucent powder (sample size for space) from MaryKay. It’s perfect for if you’re feeling a little oily but don’t want to add on more color. It’s the perfect little pick me up.

Next I have my hello flawless pressed foundation from benefit. Because I have oily skin, if I’m not careful, my makeup will sweat right off. If half way through the night I realize I’m not looking as covered as I want, I can just swipe on some color and be on my way.

The two lips products I’m taking are my basic chapstick (this was just one I had lying around) and my NYX soft matte lips cream (which is possibly the most silky product I own). I hate having cracked lips, and I still love a little bit of color. I’ve found chapstick with NYX overtop keeps my lips super smooth for a long period of time.

Grouping together now, I have hairties, bobby pins, and a comb. Whether you get your hair professionally done in a salon or do it yourself, an up-do will start to fall (which is why I’m wearing my hair down). If you want to be able to try and save your hair throughout the night, I’d come prepared. I personally don’t have room, but I know some girls take along a mini hair spray as well.

And finally I have my highest coverage concealer. It Cosmetics, Bye Bye Under Eye in the shade light. I stopped using it cosmetics a while back because, though it gave me outstanding coverage, the foundation gave me way too much shine. I kept the concealer for emergencies though because it really hides those pesky pimples. If throughout the night a little devil peaks through, you can bet I’ll be prepared.

Of course these “necessities” are all my opinion from what I experienced last year, and you can just pick and choose what applies to you! Happy Dancing!

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