What is the meaning of life?

I’m going to apologize in advance on this one; this post isn’t going to be very cheerful or optimistic.


“What is the meaning of life?” This is a question I’ve been asking myself lately. For about a year now actually, and it’s driving me insane. And I remember the day that this question planted it’s little seed in my mind. I was talking to my friend about where we wanted to go to college and what we were going to do after that when one of my friends said “What’s the point?” BBBBAAAAMMMMM. My mind practically exploded. I remember laying in bed that night and I was at a loss for words. Think about it:

You start school around 5 years old and you finish high school around 18. Which is good, because we all need this knowledge. Throughout high school they start slowly preparing you to go college. And hopefully get good grades so you can get into a better (and more expensive) school. Why? So they can educate you well enough so that you can get a better job than if you didn’t go to college. Why? So you can make more money to buy nicer things. Then you spend the next, say 40 years of your life trying to get a better job to get more money to buy nicer things. Then you retire and possibly travel to see the world…. and then it’s over.

It just breaks my heart that over half of your life is spent just trying to get more money. I mean… it just feels like there’s got to be something else.

Now I’m not saying drop out of school, or don’t go to college. That’s probably not the best idea. I still want to go to college. Because let’s face it, we do still need some money to survive :) But I guarantee that I won’t be spending my life trying to earn an extra dollar. I’ll be out there making my life worth something more than the items I owned.

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  1. Who says there has to be one point or purpose or meaning? Life is what you make of it. It’s like a new canvas or an empty book you as the author of your life have to write your own story. Life is a chance, an opportunity. Make of it what you will, be that future president who is intent on ushering in an era of peace or even just a housewife who is the world to her husband and a sanctuary to her kids. What you do in life is of very little consequence it’s how and why you do things that make the difference.

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