The Umbrella 2- Lena Sotskova


Recently, I went on a cruise, with an art auction on board. Throughout the trip, they put the paintings on display to build up interest. This painting was one of them, and caught my eye multiple times. Now, my family does enjoy art, but it’s quite rare when we buy anything. But just for fun, we went to the auction. When we asked what the starting bid was for this particular painting, it was around 1,400 dollars…. WOW. Hang on, just let me go sell all my organs. Still, I wrote down the name of the artist (Lena Sotskova) to look her up when I got back home. Since then, I have done a LOT of research on Lena and her work, and I have to say, I LOVE all of her pieces. Maybe the price just caught me off guard, but I still really love this painting. Being that I’m still in high school, this won’t be my next purchase, and ever after, I’m not going to have this giant painting in a tiny dorm. Plus ya know… I don’t really have 1,400 dollars lying around. But it is sort of a nice dream to have. Who knows, maybe this can be the first thing I hang on the walls at my first house.

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