Opening my “Jar of Joy”

This time last year, I saw this great idea on pinterest called a “joy jar.” The idea is to get a jar or container of some sort, and fill it throughout the year with daily moments that bring you happiness. Whether the enoucnter was major or minor, write down as many as you can, on little sheets of paper, and place them in the jar. Include movie stubs, concert tickets, pictures- you name it. Fill that sucker up. Then at the end of the year, open the jar and relive the positives. Yes, it does sound a bit cheesy, but I did this throughout 2014, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially reading them all last night. It’s very easy in life to focus on the negatives; after all we usually remember the bad times over the good. Looking back, I could give you a long list of ‘bad’ things that happened in my life. Now I can give you a list of the good time as well.



This is my Joy Jar from 2014; complete with 85 post-it notes of tiny happy experiences, 7 movie stubs, one concert ticket, 15 pages of funny notes passed in French class, and two school dance passes. Opening all of these little pieces of the past really gave me a wider view of the year. I’m one to get in the rut of life, constantly feeling as though I’m going through the motions. Reliving my year momentarily showed me it’s far from the case. As much as I’d love to type all 85 post it notes, many of them are quite personal, and let’s be realistic, no-one wants to read that much of a person’s past. So, in the spirit of the New Year, I’ll share my top 3 tid-bits of 2014.

3. I got into “Blue.” Off the bat, this might sound like a silly statement, but getting into “blue” has been a goal of mine since I was in 8th grade. Blue is my high-school’s dancing choir ensemble. It’s a choir that, for girls, you have to be a senior to get in (it’s more competitive with girls than guys). Not only do you have to be in concert choir (which you have to work up to), but you also have to perform a solo for the audition. By the time I was a junior, I was in concert choir. In April, I performed my audition, and here I am. In the best choir imaginable. I’ve learned it’s so much more than a choir. I’ve been in choirs since 7th grade. This is different. It’s like a second family. I’ve made more memories with this group than I can count, and am so blessed to be apart of such a close group of music lovers. (I’m the girl at the bottom with the glasses)10440711_740917799333722_8078805522075264896_n

2. I got my licence/got my first car. Something most of you don’t know is that I hated driving for the first year and a half I had my permit. I would get the worst anxiety if my parents simply brought up practicing driving. One day my mom took me out on a minor road by my house, I almost hit a tree, and spent the rest of the day bawling. The program I was getting my permit with had a mandatory 6 hours of driving session with an adviser, and this is what got me out of my fear. He took me driving around a neighborhood, said I was doing great, 5 minutes later he’s telling me to get onto a major high-way on a Saturday afternoon. Now, I understand most people, driving comes easy, and most people don’t sweat it. But for me, the feeling of driving on the highway, feeling completely in control and at ease after so much stressing, was the best feeling. I’d overcome one of my fears. 5 months later I took my test, just in time to get a car. (This is my baby)


1. I was accepted into college… within 3 days of sending in my transcript. I’ve been accepted into the college of my dreams. It’s perfect for my (planned) major, perfect location in nature, and the campus is absolutely breathtaking. I really think I can grow there, not just academically, but personally, and emotionally. Which is why, as of Tuesday, I am officially enrolled. What’s funny is this time last year, I had imagined a completely different college. One that I was positive would be my future.

So. For 2015, will I be repeating the Joy Jar? Of course I am. It was a great eye opener of the positives of the year. I encourage anyone debating giving it a shot to join in. It’s a great easy way to document your life before it leaves you behind.

Happy New Year everyone.

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