New Years Resolutions

So,  it’s that time of year again; time to evaluate your life to  decide what you want to do or change in the next year.  I was thinking about how every year,  I always set myself up for so many resolutions, only  few actually happen.  I debated trying to make my list shorter,  but then I decided not to.  I figured, no one was ever hurt by having too  many goals. Sure, not every single thing you want to do in life is going to happen, but the more ambitions you have,  the more you can achieve. If you limited yourself to one a year, sure, you can overcome that one, but you might have missed a bunch of other opportunities. So, to make things official,  here are my new years resolutions. I tried to keep mine all along the theme of “doing more.”

1.  Do more  with my friends. I’m with my friends every day at school,  soo recently I’ve thought that was time enough. But recently, I’ve realized that it  is definitely not.  I’d say I hang out with my friends maybe once a month outside of school,  and sometimes even less.  I’m not saying I should spend every waking minute with them, but even just once every other week would be nice.  Maybe more if I have time. I figure as soon as I go to college, we’ll all be separated.  Of course I will meet new people in college,  but that is then.  And this is now.  And now, I want to make more time for my friends.
2. Post on my boot more. I realize there are few  of you who read this,  but you  seem to keep coming back.  And even though I don’t have hundreds and hundreds of followers,  but I really enjoy writing here.  It’s like I’m just talking, and sharing  my opinion, and even if there are just a few of you listening,  you aren’t still listening. 
3.  Exercise more.  Yes,  I know this is the number one resolution ever,  but it’s like that for a reason.  And just like most people out there, I want to get fit.  I don’t even want to lose weight or anything,  I would like too not feel exhausted after climbing a flight of stairs.  I’d also like to start doing yoga. I tried it before, but gave up way too easily.
One more thing about New Years. I found this thing on pinterest, and thought it was a great idea.  What you do, is to take a jar (I’m using one of my grandma’s old tin containers),  and every time something good happens, you write it on a small piece of paper and put it in the jar.  At the end of the year, you read all of the little things that you’d probably forget  about throughout the year.
Soo here’s my  container now,  and at the end of 2014, I’ll make another post going over some of the things I wrote down. 


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