My Seemingly Abrupt Fitness and Nutrition Kick

This video. This is one of the examples I choose to give to people when they ask why I want to get into fitness and nutrition. This channel, ToneItUp, has had my attention for years now, and has really inspired me to get myself in shape. Their hundreds of workout plans are always at one’s disposal, and the positive energy and personalities that they project makes it all the more better. But that’s not where it came from. It was videos like this. How she just took the time to put together a few tips to help people while explaining why it works. Now, I’m a very gullable person, I won’t lie. You could tell me the avocados make your skin clear up (though they probably do the opposite because they are so high in fat…) and I would eat them for weeks without needing any explaination. But these girls, I can really tell that they are here to help. Sure they plugged their nutrition plan (which I am purposefully putting of buying) a few times, but their intentions are obviously the simple goal of helping people get in shape.

The reason I want to get into health and fitness isn’t because of the unique work atmosphere, the fact that I may not ever have to work at a desk, I can have my own flexible schedule, or how I can determine how much I make by how hard I work to get clients. It’s the fact that the entire career itself is based around helping other’s achieve their goals. Being the seemingly harsh push to show someone what their capable of.

The past couple of years I’ve been really struggling with the though of “What’s the point of a human life” (I posted about it on here a while back) and a year or so I realized I wanted to make a positive impact on lives of others. I’m not one to get into the doctor path, and as much as I would love to be a motivational speaker, I can barely order a pizza without freaking out. So this is what I came to. Yeah, it’s a complete 180 for me, and it’s going to take a whole lot of work. I can tell my parents aren’t too thrilled about it, but they’re letting me do it anyways. It’s going to be difficult, but sometimes to make a change, you have to be the change.

(side note, in the video she talks about H.I.I.T. workouts, do not take these on lightly. They look simple, but the first time I tried one, my legs were jelly for 3 days)

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