“Looking for Alaska” by John Green

(SPOILERS- I am not giving away any actual details of the book, but I am giving my opinion of the overall book and style)

I’ve been a fan of John and Hank Green’s videos on you-tube for a long time now, and recently, I decided to read one of John’s books. I had been warned, I had heard of his style of writing, and how I’d be sure to cry, but I gave it a shot anyways…. Oh my gosh… That is literally all I could think throughout the entire book. I finished reading “Looking for Alaska” today, and as I closed the book, I was at a loss for words. Honestly, I still am. I literally went about the rest of my day with the story still in the back of my mind. The entire day. John Green had a great way of giving every character an intensely deep and fascinating personality, and all of them unique yet relatable at the same time. He made you feel as though the things happening to the main character, were happening to you. And that little detail in the beginning of the book that you thought meant nothing, yeah… it means a lot. Even now, I still can’t find the words to explain how much I loved this book. But the worst part was, as I read the last sentence, I couldn’t help but feel this emptiness. You know that feeling: When you finish a book, tv show, or movie series, that you’ve dedicated a part of yourself to, and then it’s just over. It’s like your best friends just all moved out of the country and left you. So what do you do? You check out another John Green book at the library… here we go again…

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