Life (HelloKaty)

I’ve done it, I found something that explains explains some of my thoughts about life. This video… I can’t put it into words, but I agree with everything she is saying. I especially love when she is talking about having to make such harsh life choices at such a young age that supposedly determine the rest of your life. I am a soon to be senior (Class of 2015!) and yes it’s exciting, but along with that, comes a lot of stress and choices. These grades, applying to colleges, choosing a major, even if you go some place where you don’t have to declare you major until the end of your second year, the pressure is still there. What if you spend your first two years studying health like what I want to do for example, but then you realize it’s not for you. Yeah, you can change your major, but you just wasted all that time effort and not to mention money. And yes, I am planning on staying with my health and fitness education, but I can’t lie and say there is no possibility that it will ever change.

Yes these decisions are important, and will effect your life. But they don’t define your life.

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