Is the world on a love overdose?

Love is a term thrown around these days more often than I find fit. When I say this, I know deep down that I am guilty in the overdose of this word in our world just as most people. Of all the words to overuse, love is definitely the most sincere. We don’t say we love something if we don’t in fact enjoy it. When I say I love Starbucks, I honestly do enjoy the warm sweet coffee on a chilly morning. When I say I love being in choir, I honestly do feel great joy when singing with my fellow peers. But love… I don’t think that’s the right term. Love is something people have been trying to define for times long past, used to explain passion, infatuation, selflessness, and an abundance of care. People use it to define the one who seems to take in all negativity, yet only let out kindness. Love has been used to explain some of the best miracles of this world, yet I use it to describe my chick-fil-a fries. Doesn’t that seem a bit degrading? I believe that language is something we as people must be gentle with, and protect. Think of how many words you’re careful with; most of us wouldn’t dare to swear like a sailor in front of our mothers. Why? Because we respect them and know the impact and intent behind said words. Shouldn’t we be as aware of the impact and intent behind love? Though it means different things to every person, there is no denying it’s powerful context.

Please don’t see this as a push to drown out the word love; I think it’s a beautiful word especially with what it represents. I simply think when talking about something as simple as a pair of shoes, we could try another description. I hope you all enjoyed this post; it was kind of rant style, all written in one big go. For the month of February, I’d like to make most of my posts around the sweet little holiday that is Valentine’s Day, and I figured this was a nice start. I added a new category called “ValDay 2015” Where all of my love related posts will be this month. I leave you today with some synonyms (and phrases) for love to describe your chick-fil-a with. Have a lovely day.

Love Synonyms:




Care for


Delight in


Fascinated by


Thrive with


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