A lot of people think I’m over-sensitive, which I have to admit is party true. The smallest things freak me out; make me worry beyond belief, cry over nothing, or feel useless because of nothing. But I think there’s a reason, and that is our world. Everyone else is so fragile, that I tip toe everywhere, afraid to mess something up. Your wording of a phrase, can either make some one despise you for years to come, or make them adore you for as long as you know them. But if you mess up even a little, it all falls apart. And this applies to everything, not just people. For tests, if you mess up on one single test, it will effect your grade for your entire semester, thus staying on your transcript for colleges to see. I guess what I’m saying, is that I see every situation as a slippery slope. I take one single mess up as a giant mistake that will make my life miserable. That’s why I freak out over every little thing in life. The second thing that makes me so sensitive is the fact that I try to please everyone. Though I know it’s impossible, I still seem to try. And I’m always so afraid of disappointing the people I love, that whenever I make a tiny mistake, I lose it. I don’t really know why I felt this post was necessary, but… yeah :)

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