Don’t over analyze

For the past few years, I have been wanting to get a degree in English because writing is something I really love doing. Before that I wanted to get a degree in atmospheric science, but after a rough year in AP bio, I pushed science out of my future. And though, I still love writing, and I plan to continue, over the past month, I’d been thinking about a degree that’s completely out of the blue for me : health science. When I started thinking about it, I didn’t want to tell anyone, because I didn’t think anyone would take me seriously. I felt the interest toward this area of study so that I could maybe become a nutritionist or personal trainer. This is why no one would take me seriously. I’m not very athletic, and I’m not the healthiest eater ever, but the idea of studying nutrition and how to keep the human body healthy really interests me. But the fact that I really struggled in AP biology and have had my mind set on English for so long, I was afraid to bring it up. I brought it up to my friend the other day, and they thought I was joking, so I was really worried that if I told my parents, they wouldn’t take me seriously.

So the other night I casually brought it up to my mom, and she was caught off guard at first, but she was very understanding. I can tell she’s not 100% sold, but she’s not knocking it down either. We talked for about an hour about what I could do with this degree, and if I could double minor with business, and it was the best talk we’d had in months. And the whole time I’d been afraid to tell her because I thought she would say it was unrealistic. I’m not fully committing to the idea of health science, and I’m still considering English, but it’s nice to know my options are open.

Long story short. Don’t over analyze small problems.

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