My name is Alicia Kohler, and I am a recent high-school graduate on my way to the journey of college. I’ve been a choir student for the past 5 years, and plan on continuing throughout my life (watch out Colorado symphony). I like to pretend I can play the piano, when in reality I can play maybe 10 songs that I learned from YouTube. I can also ‘somewhat’ play the guitar if I use a capo, because, let’s be honest… I know maybe 8 chords.

Since I was a child, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to travel with my family, and it’s only now that I’m older that I realized how much of blessing it truly is. When I was about 14 I went to London and Paris to visit my grandparents who, at the time, were living there:



A few years later my family took a cruise to the British Virgin Islands, from St Kitts, to St. Martin and a bunch of other’s I can barely remember. This was us Christmas-eve making our traditional dinner of fondue… in a tiny little cabin.



A few years after that, we had our second family cruise to Alaska and Canada (my personal favorite). Yes, it was 60 degrees in June, and yes-it rained every day. But to me, it was a nice change from the usual vacation weather of 90’s and sunshine. We drove RTV’s up mountains, went off-roading in Jeeps, and went canoeing across a beautiful lake at the top of a mountain. It was really in-nature, which I’d never gotten from a vacation before:IMG_1498


And my most recent family trip was July 2015, the trip of my 18th birthday from Istanbul, Turkey to Athens, Greece. That’s right, I got to spend my 18th birthday in Greece… like what? It was absolutely amazing and a true blessing that I will truly never forget. I got experience cultures up close and personal, that I’d never given a second thought. I tried authentic food, knock off food, and bought way too many souvenirs. I had my first drink with my grandpa (because the drinking age was 18), and even though I absolutely hated it, the memory will be held tight in my heart for years:



But even after all of these things, the world travels, the choirs, the instruments, I still have one passion that falls above the rest: my writing. My short stories and poems, my truest form of expression. My may of releasing the thoughts from my soul with a rhyme. It’s how I get control when I feel lost, and it’s how I share who I am. It’s how I put all of these experiences into words, that took me months to even fathom.



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