Abigail (Day 44 of “The Write-Brain”)

The steamed latte met Abigail’s book with the tragic goodbye. She stood furiously, but not with anger toward her ruined novel, but her ruined romance. She’d known this day was coming, but she’d never imagined it’d come today. The expiration date of her love story was valentine’s day. Not only did he have the nerve to end things on the one day meant to spread love,but he cut the string in middle of a crowded book store coffee shop, leaving her hurt and vulnerable with an eager audience. Abigail sighed to herself as she picked up coffee cup she’d knocked over trying to reach once more to her lost lover. Feeling the irony of the situation she though back to just over a year ago when they had just started dating. They would lay in his apartment every Friday night, to avoid the drunken mess that is downtown, and read to each other. It didn’t really matter what they read, and most of the time, he’d simply read to her. She’d lay on the couch eager eared, admiring every story that came from his lips. To Abigail, he simply brought books to a new conscious level coming to life with his voice. He made the books live. And now, along with their love story, he’d ruined one.


This is a little thing I wrote from a prompt from a writing exercise book I got for my birthday last year. Though some of the prompts are not my style of writing, I figured one here and there couldn’t hurt. For example today was a love prompt (being that tomorrow is valentine’s day) and you had to start the first 6 words with the letters T,S,L,M,A,B, and this was the result :) I know it’s more break up than love, but it’s just what flowed. No real plot. No deep meaning. Just writing.

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