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Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again. Mother’s day is less a week away, and many around the world will find themselves wanting to google “Mother’s Day Gifts” online in hopes of stumbling upon some perfect gift unique for their moms. Instead, they’ll be flooded with cheesy heart-shaped jewelry and cheap pink gardening sets. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I spend years not knowing what to get my mom for Mother’s Day until I changed my perspective on the holiday. A few years ago, my mom went through some health problems, that shook my whole family upside down. My mom and I had been very close growing up, and though I was always appreciative of all she’d done for me, it took me a while to see I’d never really shown her.

Suddenly candles and scented lotions weren’t good enough.

I wanted to show my mom how much she means to me. I wanted to show her how much I love and appreciate her. Once you see Mother’s Day as a way to thank your mom, gift buying becomes that much easier. I also think it’s important to remember that gifts are a great way to say thank you, but a small gesture goes a long way for any loved one.

Tips for Choosing a gift:

  • Look at who your mother really is. Look past the basic gardening gifts (unless your mom is truly passionate about gardening) and engraved jewelry, and just think about your mom. What does she really enjoy doing? How does she spend her free time? More importantly, what makes her smile? This should get some ideas rolling.
  • What is something she wouldn’t buy for herself? Moms tend to be selfless shoppers and even if they want something, they’ll spend that money on something else possibly for the family or the home. Try and think if there are any purchases she mentioned wanting but never went through and bought.
  • Think of memories you’ve shared. Is there a strong memory between the two of you, that you could get a gift to symbolize? Possibly a book you read together, or a meal you would cook together?
  • Ask yourself how you could make her day better. Look at how your mom spends a typical day. How does she start her day? What’s her workday like? What does she do in the evenings? Is there a gift that she could use to make her day to day life better? Something she could see every day and smile?
  • How can you make Mother’s Day better for her? What can you do around the house to make the day less stressful for your mom? This stretches far beyond simply making Mother’s Day Breakfast. Is there laundry to be done? A litterbox that needs cleaning? A messy kitchen? I promise that an hour or two worth of cleaning or cooking will make your mom’s day.

Gift Ideas (ones I’ve given or am giving this year)

  • Hand Painted Sign: I painted this sign for my mom last year as part of a gift with my dad. Her office was looking a little dull and we wanted to bring some life to it. So my dad bought her a new desk, and I made her this sign with lilacs, one of her favorite flowers. It’s something personal, made with love, and brightens her office which she’s in every day.
  • Hand-painted sign from last mother's day
    Hand-painted sign from last mother’s day
  • “You are my sunshine” Music Box: I bought this music box from an Etsy shop linked here. This was a song my mom sang to me as a lullaby when I was growing up. It’s a song both of us associate with each other and our memories together. I highly recommend something like this if your mom sang you a certain song growing up. There are many customizable music boxes available online

    This shop has countless music box songs
    This shop has countless music box songs
  • Bird Identifying book: This may sound odd, but it’s personal to my mom which is the point. My mom loves watching the bird in our backyard every morning and is always trying to identify them, so this gift was perfect. I recommend any sort of book related to a hobby or interest of your mom’s.
  • Paint by Numbers: Again, another gift personal to me and my relationship with my mom. We’ve spent a lot of time together painting even though neither of us is super creative. We’ve always just googled pictures we wanted to paint and tried to replicate them. I found this paint by numbers set through a Facebook ad, and I instantly knew it would her perfect for my mom.

    This Paint by numbers set was only $19
    This Paint by numbers set was only $19
  • Spa Day: Obviously Spa’s are fairly expensive, but if they are in your budget I think they are a great idea. Whether you go with your mom and have a fun day together, or allow your mom some time to herself while you stay home and do something nice for her (clean and bake cookies maybe?), she’ll love it.